Who are we


"Never losing sight of the allegiance due to the Sovereign of your native land, ever remembering that nature has implanted in your breast a sacred and indissoluble attachment towards that country whence you derived your birth and infant nurture" - We have read these words somewhere and they reflect the feelings we have towards the country in which we were born.

Now living and working abroad, we are a group of 'Asmarini' friends and old schoolmates who, though having left Eritrea a long time ago, continue to maintain strong bonds amongst ourselves and the people of Eritrea. Our objectives are strictly 'non political' and are not affiliated to any particular line or creed. Asmara was a multi-ethnic multi faith city in which everyone lived in harmony and peace and mutual respect. We are interested in helping ongoing projects in Education by assisting in any possible way.

Asmara was a multi-ethnic, multi-faith city in which everyone lived in harmony and peace with mutual love and respect. It had a model of conduct that reflects our own way of life. One which we hope to pass on to our friends and our children.