One of the main 'projects' of MYBAOBAB is to sponsor the building of the St.Francis of Assisi School at Massawa. 

The brainchild of  Father Protasio and his team, a group of Catholic Franciscan monks.

On the 16th, October 2007, the first part of the Project was inaugurated and on the 5th January 2010 this 'project' saw completion. This is a gigantic scheme which Father Protasio has undertaken courageously.  Father Protasio must be  congratulated and admired as through his tireless efforts and sheer stubbornness  he has managed to stir the sympathy and generosity of friends around the world to continue and support him in this well worthy cause. This is an effort which will enable many young Eritreans from all walks of life and Creeds, to educate themselves and enable them to achieve the necessary skills in life especially in the Tourist Industry which is steadily developing in Eritrea and particularly at Massawa.

Massawa was originally declared the Capital of Eritrea, during the Italian occupation before being transferred to the Highlands in the beautiful city of Asmara. It was bombarded heavily during the war of independence from Ethiopia but now with steady and unrelenting efforts it is re-establishing itself as the future Sea-side Resort of the Red Sea.

MYBAOBAB needs your help to continue with this 'project' which is sponsored by the Catholic Church, masses of ex-patriates and this website.

Your much needed support is invaluable.

Please help us by making a donation online,  using  PAYPAL .You do not need to be out of pocket...Any monies received  will be greatly appreciated and will go fully and without any deductions, to the 'project'.

JUST REMEMBER  as Father Protasio says...... It is a Drop that makes the OCEAN !


The city of ' A S M A R A '
The Capital of Eritrea. Built in the highlands 110 kilometers from the Deep sea Port and Resort of Massawa

Never captured or damaged during the long and bloody war of Independence from Ethiopia, is 'the Art Deco Capital of the World'.

Read the book on Eritrea and its extraordinary people.Order your signed copy of Michela Wrongs' latest book on Eritrea called 'I DIDN'T DO IT FOR YOU'

A gripping political thriller, a story of betrayal, belligerence and bloodshed.


''A great revolution of character in just a single man will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will cause a change in the destiny of all mankind''

Please help us to offer genuine financial support to a young adult who is struggling through his Education. In Eritrea, Education is free, but many diligent and hard working students need financial help for their books and upkeep as they struggle to complete their degrees. These students are selected and reccommended to us by St.Francis Mission in Eritrea. There are no expatriates involved in this operation. There are no intermediaries and NO fees to pay. You can sponsor a student with as little as 200 euros a year. You can do so through our Secure Paypal facility on this website or by Cheque or a Bank Transfer. We are committed to ensure that every penny we get, is re-invested in the future of these people and we thank you for your support..



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