Useful Links

Links An Italian website worthwhile visiting. Look for old friends, get togethers, Poetry, Books and lots lots more.... The most up to date information about Eritrea. A political observatory with cultural, historical, and humanitarian issues in the Horn of Africa. An Eritrean Restaurant in London with the most authentic Cuisine and ambience. This website is a must... see the railways that have been rebuilt, see the miracle of the cable link which connected Asmara to Massawa! I cannot help but reccommend this site from my friend at Peruggia with interesting articles, books etc.. Services and Information for Greeks in Australia and around the Globe. A website for Greeks in Australia published in Greek. A very interesting link with lots of pictures from Franco Del Oro. The link to the online booking engine of the Airline that links the United Kingdom to Greece and to the rest of the world.. Interesting web with information for those people suffering from Gluten Intolerance. A website in Italian with many pictures and Videos of Eritrea. Well worth a visit! The most informative web site that I have found about Eritrea!!!! Must not be missed ! Various cultural studies and projects between the Greeks and the people of the Near East. A real 'link' between people from Eritrea and the world. Follow Issays as he goes along with Eritrea and updates his blog with Historical events, people and places.