Massawa the ideal Deep Sea Divers Paradise

Massawa will soon offer the most natural Deep Sea Diving resort in the Red Sea.


1st March 2006

Just after the sixteenth anniversary of the Independence of Massawa (10 February 1990) the city has been adorned to show its beauty and fascination to all those who visit it.

Massawa in festive mode
MASSAWA is one of two ports in Eritrea and is built on two Islands linked to each other and on to the mainland by Bridges. Year after year Massawa is growing as a city and with it, its strategic importance in both the commercial and tourist fields. Various hotels are under construction both on the mainland and on surrounding islands. State and civilian buildings are being erected and the Port of Massawa is under modernisation and no less of course is the construction of Massawa's International Airport which is already partially active. But most of all in the development of this city is the 'Duty Free zone' allocated to a part of it. A positive step in the future expansion of this beautiful resort. The road linking Taulud Island to the mainland has been widened so that today there are two separate lanes, one for each direction flanked by pedestrian pavements.A positive contributor to the smooth flow of traffic from the Port to the Capital Asmara.

The Professional Hotel School which is being built besides the Superior School under construction will have a positive and realistic contribution in the future development of this city. Contruction is now developing fast. The first stage of the foundations has progressed into the second with completion on the ground floor and soon the pillars for the first and second floor will be cast.

Father Protassio is constantly keeping us posted with the progress. Photographs that have been sent to us constantly updated in our GALLERY on the website for all to admire. But as always, none of these well deserving projects can be achieved without help. If you would like to help with your donation, however small, DONATE NOW through PAYPAL; and make your payment 'For the new school of Massawa'. You do not need to open a PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Chose the Credit Card option. Alternatively please contact us at the following address: