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It was during a 'MAI TACLI' Convention at Riccione in Italy in which around 600 participants (ex Asmarini) from all over the world attended that I met Father Protassio and presented him with a 'modest' sum of money as 'MYBAOBAB's contribution for the construction of the 'School at Massawa'.This Convention or better known in Italian as 'Radunno', was held as usual at RICCIONE at the 'LE CONCHILIE HOTEL'. It is at these meetings that old friendships are rekindled, bringing back memories of youth, love and happiness. The MAI TACLI convention is held every year at Riccione, in Italy in May and I can only highly reccommend participation. This Gallery is dedicated to the St Francis School at Massawa and to Father Protasio.. As soon as any pictures are received, they will be uploaded regularly so as to form a complete and visual record of the building progress!
Cutting the ribbon.jpg
This is a historic moment of the schools' inauguration. The Inauguration ribbon was cut by the Governor of the Region Mr Abdala Musa, and attended by the Mayor Miss Fana Tesfamariam as well as other dignitaries on the 31st October 2005.
New car.jpg
This car was donated in early 2006 to the Franciscan Mission of Massawa by the readers and supporters of the MAI TACLI. A newspaper which is distributed to the diaspora of 'Asmarini' around the world.
Foundations were laid straight away and shortly, the magled metal and concrete frames started to appear
In spite of difficulties in finding building material..progress is visible!


Every person tries to do his best inspite of the heat and difficult conditions..
Father Protassio standing proudly in front of the Work as it stands in the begining of April, 2006 and is well above ground.The concrete pillars are now towered by the tall crane to lift building material to the higher levels.
Construction work is well under way!.
By the end of June the second floor has been added and more foundations are dug up on the side.
Hard working and diligent students taking their 2006 exams. Father Protassio proudly informs us that all the students have passed their examinations with flying colours and will soon be moving on to other educational establishments. The local community is keen to see the 'School project' complete so that students will be able to complete all their education here.


This picture captures the spirit of these bright and diligent students. These classes are formed of 43, 46, 51, 57, 68 and 76 students. Yet inspite of these conditions students are working wonders due to their appetite to learn and do well!
Students under the watchful eye of their teacher !
Discipline starts right from early morning assembly when the National Anthem is sung and the standard is raised.. When was the last time anyone saw this happen in our schools today?
Here is a picture received from Father Protasio showing some of the children he looks after. It does not much to understand how happy they look! Well done!
It is early November 2006. Building has progressed well. As you can see this looks like we are really in business.


Equally fast is the progress on the inside of the building. Father Protassio informs us that a company in Italy has kindly pledged to supply all the tiling that will be required.
In the middle of the hot desert sands springs this impressive building. It is amazing how fast progress is advancing.
A roof will soon by placed over this area !
Here is a better picture of the building! Quite impressive eh!
Spotting a vein of water in the desert with the help of God and an old traditional method!


..and of course the inside is much cooler too!!!
As Christmas coincided with the visit, there was plenty of food, drink and happiness to share!
..and being a little cheeky every now and then does no harm!
Days of celebration, happyness, hospitality and well deserved rest!
Making friends is usually easy.. leaving them behind is what is usually hard. Out of sight they might become, but never out of mind and heart!


Meanwhile with a lot of hard work, all obstacles are overcome and work progresses well..
The interior starts taking shape.
..and the plaster is on most of the internal walls!
The 'heart shaped' multi use building is looking like it for the first time.
and the building looks like this from the outside.


Such a lot of good quality work in such a short time. Who said that miracles cannot happen?
Remember it is a Drop that makes an Ocean. Please donate what you can afford for this magnificent cause.
5th March 2010
The Students assemble before the official Inauguration ceremony.
5th January 2010
Local dignitaries at  the School Inauguration.
Friends and supporters who have flown from Italy to share the happiness
of this very proud day in the History of the School.
Father Protasio and his team in front of the completed buildings.